The cutest affiliate program you've ever seen!


Starts with a Smile

We’ve worked hard to create a product that people love. Since we started producing our beloved socks, we’ve printed thousands of dogs, cats, birds, horses and even a zebra! We now have over 75,000 fans on Facebook, 40,000 followers on Instagram, and our posts have been shared over 100,000 times!

Share the Love

We all love to post to our friends and followers with new experiences or fun products. Now, you can share PupSocks with your following on your Facebook, Instagram, website, or blog. More importantly, you can get paid to do it our new PupCash affiliate program!

So, what’s next?

Click the link below to register as an affiliate. You’ll receive a personalized affiliate center to manage your sales, and a link for customers to click and credit you for their purchase! We’ll deposit 10% of your linked sales directly into your bank account, or give you a 20% credit to spend on socks! Questions? E-mail us at:ย [email protected]

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