What makes a good photo?

1. Make sure your photo has good lighting – enough to see the details of your furry (or non-furry) friend’s face, but not so much that their face is too bright to see.

2. A head-on shot is preferred. Make sure that you get the full face in the photo, including both ears. If only half of your pet’s face is showing, only half of its face will be on your PupBandana!

3. Avoid blurry photos – the higher the clarity of the photo, the better. Remember that the photo will be shrunk down, so some subtle features may not be seen as clearly in the final product.

Do you crop the photo for me?

We crop the photo for you! We only use the face of your furry or non-furry friend, all other details are cropped out. Just send us a high-quality, head-on photo and we’ll do the rest!

If your pet or person has an accessory, hat, or collar that you would like to keep (or get rid of), please specify these details in the order notes.

How many faces can you print on a bandana?

Our bandanas are printed with one face per bandana. We want your custom product to be perfect, and by printing more than one face per bandana it affects the clarity of the image. We do have customers who order more than one bandana to feature more than one pet!

Can I upload something other than a dog or cat?

Does it have a face? If so, we can print it! We love critters of all types. We offer Custom Bandanas for cats and dogs with feline- and canine-specific backgrounds, but if you would like a solid-color background, you can choose a plain-color style using the drop-down box of options.

Can I see a proof of how my PupBandana will look?

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a proof of your order because our designers have to personally set up your image and crop out your pet’s face. Rest assured, if there are any issues, we’ll send you an email requesting a new image! Please, keep the photos family friendly!


How long will it take to get my PupBandana?

Our one-of-a-kind ties take about 7 business days to be produced. Once produced, shipping through USPS will deliver continental US orders in 3-5 business days and international shipping times vary depending on the destination. For international orders, it could take up to 4 weeks for delivery depending on the destination.

Please note that during the holidays our production time may vary.

How much is shipping?

For our US customers, we charge a flat shipping fee of $3. The shipping cost for our international customers depends on the destination of the order. If you’d like to see how much international shipping will be to your destination, please add an item to your cart and enter a shipping address into our shipping calculator. Typically, international shipping is $5-$20.

Do you ship internationally?

We happily fulfill international orders! Our production time will be the same and shipping costs vary depending on where the order is going. Depending on your home country, a customs tax may apply in addition to your shipping cost.

NOTE: All prices on our site are USD. A currency converter is located at the bottom of our website for your convenience. Once you complete your transaction, it will charge your card in your respective currency.


How do I wash my PupBandana?

For best results, machine-wash your bandana with cold water and tumble dry on low heat or line dry. Using a mild detergent and avoiding the use of fabric softener and dryer sheets will allow for long-lasting results.

These instructions are for the best result possible. Washing our bandanas with like colors as you normally would your other clothing will not affect the quality of your bandana in any way.

Will the ink crack or fade over time?

We use a process called sublimation. Our apparel is defined as “no feel.” This means you cannot feel any ink or cracking on your order since the product itself is dyed. If cared for properly, our bandanas will remain vibrant and last through several washes and wears.

How does sizing work?

We offer two size options for our Custom Bandanas.

Small: 14x14x20 inches

Large: 22x22x31 inches